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European Flame Research Initiative (EFRI) 


Biofuels Research Infrastructure for Sharing Knowledge (BRISK) 


Rig Owners

This page identifies BRISK and  EFRI Test Rig Owners. Click on a rig owner to find more information about them and all their test rigs.

You can also use the 'find a test rig' option in the top left hand menu of this page to access an on-line search engine. This search engine may be used to create a list of all BRISK and EFRI test rigs that can do the particular tests that an enquirer might need. Links from that list will lead to additional information about each rig identified, and about the rig owner.

Each rig owner page is  maintained by the rig owner and includes contact details and an email link if you wish to find out more about their facilities and capabilities. Content on each rig owner's page may include PPT/PDF descriptions and pictures of their facilities, as well as a summary of the rig data contained in their part of the test rig database.

The IFRF is not responsible for the content of the BRISK and EFRI rig owner pages.

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